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  • 4.55 out of 5 (11 votes)
    Afterlife (pc game)
  • Genre: Simulation, Life simulation, Design Tool
  • Software house: LucasArts
  • Year: 1996
  • System: Windows
5 out of 5

Have you ever wanted to play God?

Another gem from LucasArts, responsible for the Star Wars games and Indiana Jones games. In this Sims like game, you are practically God himself, and you get to make your own Heaven and Hell, and punish or reward its occupants as you see fit. Actually, the game does that for you automatically, but hey, you're the boss. The job is quite a handful, so you have two assistants, a demon and an angel, to help you get it done. As in the real Sims game, you have to take care of your herd, it's economy, workforce, The game is very satirical, with a lot of references to modern pop culture (I mean, a Death Star is sent if your citizens behave badly!), so you will have one or more giggles while playing. The game looks very nice, it's very colorful and detailed. In this game you will have a few laughs, lots of fun and truly a great time for countless hours.
4 out of 5

Before "The Sims"

Afterlife, the birth of modern Sims games. It has a very unique playout. It can definitely keep you going for hours. Bearing the ability to create your version of Heaven and Hell. You can torture your sims or let them life their fantasy. Its all in your hands. So sit back and have fun planning an afterlife on your PC.

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