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Aliens Vs Predator (2010) (pc game)
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Game over, man!

The original Aliens vs Predator is a classic slice of first-person shooting heaven that manages to pack in heaps of tension alongside the pulse-pounding excitement. This version is effectively an update of the original although it doesn't really change much besides giving the game a bit more visual shine. It's certainly a game which shows its age and thus looks a little dated when compared to more modern shooters like Halo but for fans of the two franchises, it's worth a look. You've got three single-player campaigns to play through here, one each for the Marines, Aliens, and the Predators. The Marine story finds find sent in to investigate a distress call, the Aliens' has you in control of a test subject which breaks out when the power goes down, and the Predator's sees you checking out a hunting ground alarm which has been overrun by humans and the Aliens (everything is of course connected). Although the story is effectively the same, just seen from different perspectives, the actual gameplay is very different depending on what species you play as each one has their own unique skills and weapons. Aliens Vs Predator is certainly showing its age a tad and is not quite as complex as more modern shooter offerings but there's no denying there's still a lot of fun to be had here. Individually, the campaigns are fairly short but when added together there's a decent amount of gameplay to be had while the option to play as the three races really gives the game some variety. The visuals are looking a bit rough these days but this is still a fine experience.

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