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Allied General (pc game)
4.08 out of 5 (24 votes)
  • Introduction sequence: world in peril!!
  • Mission introduction: Africa campaign
  • The scenario: between Lybia and Egypt
  • Turn 2
  • Purchasing some tanks may be useful
  • Moving the troops to west
  • Resistence on the city is at minimum
  • Few more efforts and you're in the other city too!
  • Second scenario mission briefing
  • North West Africa scenario
  • Trying to get some city
  • You're playing the USA side
  • Trying to get more artillery
  • Hurry up, few turns left
  • Some statistics
  • Where shoul we make our next move
  • A snapshot extracted from game introduction video.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Come on chaps, let's sort 'em out!

This is the successor to the highly regarded historical strategy game, Panzer General, and like that title, this one is complex, rewarding and highly challenging. It's turn-based gameplay is rich in depth and strategy and while it may not have changed much from its predecessor and contains a few minor annoyances, it's still a top notch experience. This one places players in the middle of WWII and provides several campaigns to play through. These give you the perspective of the British (with two campaigns), the US and the Russians, with battles taking from from Europe to North Africa and Russia. The game itself will be familiar if you've played the earlier game or others like Third Reich or Panzer Battles, and is basically a turn-based affair where you'll need to move your troops across the map in accordance with mission objectives, while defeating the enemy. Most of the complexity here comes from the range of units and weapons, and you'll need to think carefully about your engagements, but adding to the depth is the need to consider things like resource management as you need to keep your units supplied. This might be an old-school strategy game lacking in visual flash but it more than makes up for this with its intense and absorbing gameplay. The interface is pretty easy to pick up, while the campaigns are varied and challenging, and will really test even armchair veterans, especially when playing as the Russians. There are minor annoyances in that certain tactics never seem to work but on the whole, this is a fine game.

The engine of Panzer General, but a different set of missions

Allied General borrows SSI's fantastic hexbased, wargaming engine that was used in Panzer General, but it changes the game up quite a bit, in terms of locations and missions. In Allied General you will be hard at work in the theaters of war of the WWII, being at the helm of German forces or the Allied ones. Also, the North African operations are included in a few missions as well, which adds to the diversity of the game. He game also packs a heftier amount of different types of units, from tanks, to on foot soldiers, to air and other ground weapons. Graphically, while the mechanical bits are surely the ones of the Panzer General game, there are improvements. The maps are better looking, higher resolution, and the controls are the same, but, obviously helped by the more hefty graphics. The only problem of the game is that it doesn't allow you to go changing the result of historic missions. Nope, the missions are either fail or win, prescribed, though, the way you get to a win or lose end game, per mission is entirely up to you. Nice, overall, wargame, medium to hard in difficulty, nothing a seasoned wargamer couldn't handle.