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Anna's Quest (pc game)
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Nice addition to a crowded genre

Anna's Quest takes its inspiration from classic point-and-click adventures like the Monkey Island and King's Quest series and provides a delightful modern take on a well worn genre. It's a surprisingly grim tale which packs in an interesting story, some clever puzzles and stylish visuals, although it's not one to play in large doses and is perhaps best suited to younger players. The plot finds Anna on an epic adventure which will see her using her skills of telekinesis, her unusual knowledge of torture devices and a shady fox to make her way through a bizarre series of events. These include speaking with the dead, shutting down the local bar and getting old ladies locked up. In terms of gameplay, this is a very traditional point-and-click adventure, similar to the same developer's Deponia, where you explore, pick up items and solve puzzles. And for the most part, this is a nice addition to what is a very crowded genre and which has a lot of competition. The story is perhaps the big attraction here, and it is pretty engaging, with some bizarre characters and situations to work through and which can be surprisingly dark at times. There isn't as much humor as you might expect, but there are some genuinely heartfelt moments which are quite emotional. The visuals are certainly quite stylish, with some lovely character and environment work, while the voice acting is top notch, with a cast that really bring their characters to life. Throw in some good, challenging puzzles and you have a solid choice for genre fans.