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Small but fun

The Anomaly series is a pretty interesting set of games which play out a little reverse tower defense experiences. This one is an expansion for Anomaly Warzone Earth and is actually a rather neat little addition which is definitely worth a closer inspection. The story from the original focuses on an alien invasion which you are trying to stop, and this one continues the narrative as it spreads in Korea. The gameplay remains basically the same and requires players to lead a single convoy of vehicles through various infested cities with the aim of taking them back. You can change the configuration of your convoy, to take advantage of special abilities and to help you meet specific mission goals, and it's here that the strategy comes into play. This update adds in new abilities and units to the mix and which is the main new element here. There are twelve story-based mission to play through and which help to further expand on the universe created in the original game. Anomaly Korea certainly isn't a must play but if you are after a bit of a twist on the usual tower defense games, it should provide some entertainment. This one is basically the same as the base game so you're just getting more of what you know, but the new units and abilities might be enough to keep series fans hooked. The new missions are also quite fun, while the visuals are both familiar and comforting. The game isn't overly long so it's not going to keep you going for that long, but it's only a few dollars so you don't expect much. Not a must play but fun nonetheless.