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  • 4.56 out of 5 (45 votes)
    APB (pc game)
  • Alternative title: all point bulletin
  • Genre: Racing, Arcade style, City race, Top down
  • Software house: Atari
  • Year: 1989
  • System: DOS
4 out of 5

Arcade action game with fun

It's a cartoonish looking fun and action game where the user will play a police officer by the name of Bob. The job that you have is obvious and that is to catch criminals on a daily basis while avoiding any of the demerits which can cause you to lose your job. You can minimize the demerits through your hard work. With continuous good performance and track record, you will be getting rewarded like having an upgraded patrol gear. The people you have to arrest are traffic rules violators and the other criminals. You are assigned a daily quote for such violators which if not met will make you earn demerits. If you catch a criminal that is assigned to you, extra points will be awarded. It's an overhead city map on which the actual patrol is carried out. The map scrolls in 360 dimensions. Criminals will have to be chased for arrest while the traffic rules violators submit quite easily. The graphics of this game are not much to talk about but the gameplay and plot is quite exciting to make it worthy of try. The other classic arcade style action game which I can suggest to you is Roadfighter.

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