Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, The (pc game)
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Exploring the deep blue sea

This is a potentially intriguing take on the whole Metroid/Castlevania hybrid genre of platforming mixed with exploration and blasting, but which is let down by its excessively preachy tone and an over reliance on tedious backtracking. It's certainly a bold move making such an overt statement about global warming and other concerns, and the developer should be applauded for doing so, but it does rather get in the way of the entertainment, and a more subtle approach should be adopted next time. The game basically throws you into the ocean with the aim of discovering the reason behind the fall of the human race. As you explore the underwater wilderness, you'll face all sorts of deadly creatures and uncover the lost secrets of humanity, arriving at your own conclusions as to what caused our demise. Most of the game is focused on exploration, with the combat coming when you face off against bosses like giant sharks, and it's this lack of overt action for much of the running time which is likely to put off many gamers. And to be fair, while roaming around looking for secrets is quite intriguing for a while, ultimately you can't help but wish for a bit more action. Unfortunately though, when the combat does arrive it's very long-winded and drawn out, so you end up wishing for a return to peace and quiet. This imbalance further hurts the game, and is compounded by the excessive backtracking and general sense of repetitiveness which hangs over everything. It's a shame, as the general idea is solid, as is the use of environmental themes, but on the whole this is very much an acquired taste, so caution is advised.

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