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Archon Classic (pc game)
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  • Image related to Archon Classic game sale. Credit: Steam.
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  • Image related to Archon Classic game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Light will conquer darkness

The original Archon is a classic slice of chess-style strategy gaming that hails from the glory days of retro gaming. This modern update retains much of what made its inspiration so good and surprisingly enough, shows that the core gameplay is still as compelling as ever. The essential elements are the same as ever, with players being presented with a board with the forces of light and darkness arrayed before them, eighteen pieces to a side. Your goal is to gain control of the five powerpoints on the board, which is achieved by removing your opponent's pieces one by one. When two pieces meet, a real-time action sequence unfolds, while a core piece of strategy involves ensuring combat takes place on your type of square (light or dark) as advantages are conferred upon the victor according to the square's color. Another interesting element is the fact that the two sides are not identical as in chess, with different units having different skills. This modern version includes both classic and new-school visual options, along with four-player support and four different campaigns to play through. Archon Classic is actually a pretty cracking slice of strategy gaming that offers a lot of entertainment. The key element which makes it stand out is the differing nature of the two sides so there's a lot of replay value to be had from trying each one out to discover which one suits you. The visuals are simple enough but the core elements such as the interface as simple but intuitive enough to make playing a breeze, so for anyone into boardgame-style strategy, this is a good choice.

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