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Ares Rising (pc game)
5 out of 5 (1 votes)
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Excellent Game

Even though this game came out in the late 90's it is still a great game. The graphics are sup par even for a game of it's day. The story isn't a best selling novel, but it does have it's shining moments. The customization of your ships is one of note, there are tons of equipment to put in the cargo holds for each ships. Want a light scout? Or a heavy fighter? Maybe a medium cloaked bomber? The choice is yours. The wingmen you can hire on are a great tool to use in a heated fire fight. With different energy out puts for different approaches to the same problem. The story can have different endings depending on how you treat the other races. Some are good and some want to tear you heart out. In short, Fantastic game. A must have for any space sim pilot.

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