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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Introduction sequence
  • Creating your character
  • Prologue
  • He's giving you useful tips
  • Talking to the bartender
  • Stealing money from tavern's rooms
  • Sorry for bothering
  • Exploring
  • Purchasing some item
  • Outside
  • Prepare for fight!
  • Death!
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
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Back to the classics

The original Baldur's Gate games are widely considered some of the finest old-school RPGs around, alongside the like of Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment, so the appearance of this Enhanced Edition came with much excitement. If you have fond memories of the original and are looking to return to an old friend, then this is a good choice and although it's still great, it's debatable if the extra content is really worth it. If you've never played it before though and want to experience a true retro classic, then grab it right now. Be warned however, it's not for the faint of heart and if you are more used to modern games, it might take some getting used to. The essential game is the same as ever, this being an isometric RPG featuring huge amounts of character customization, an epic storyline, and all the other elements which make the genre so loved. This version adds a new mode, some new characters, fancier graphics and a few other bits and bobs for you to discover. Let's get this straight. As far as old-school games, this is a bona fide classic and is rightfully hailed as such. However, for newcomers to this kind of thing, this is likely to look and feel clunky, with heaps of dialogue to wade through before you actually get to do anything (and which continues throughout the game), some pretty muddy visuals and other elements which might scare modern gamers. You've really got to stick with it to enjoy it and you're going to need some time to get the most out of it, but if you've got the patience, this is rewarding stuff.