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Bard's Tale (pc game)
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  • Genre: Rpg, Fantasy, Myth and legend
  • System: DOS
  • Software house: Interplay
  • Year:
  • Alternative title: bard's tale 1: tales of the unknown
  • Bard's Tale
  • Select hero
  • Check Houses
  • Skara Brae
  • Empty building
  • I found Dwarf
  • Eldred casts a spell
  • I found a Skeleton
  • Attack the Skeleton
  • 10 points of damage
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Let's see what's behind that door
  • A snapshot extracted from gameplay video.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware Dos.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.

A nice tale sung by the bard

Bard's Tale is a fantasy role-playing video game created by Interplay Productions in 1985 and distributed by Electronic Arts. Loosely based on the Dungeons and Dragons gameplay and inspired by Wizardry, the game was quite revolutionary for its time for its unprecedented 3D graphics and animated character portraits. The story of the game is summarized on the game's box cover and goes like this: Long ago, when magic still prevailed, the evil wizard Mangar the Dark threatened a small but harmonious country town called Skara Brae. Evil creatures oozed into Skara Brae and joined his shadow domain. Mangar froze the surrounding lands with a spell of Eternal Winter, totally isolating Skara Brae from any possible help. Then, one night the town militiamen all disappeared. The future of Skara Brae hung in the balance. And who was left to resist? Only a handful of unproven young Warriors, junior Magic Users, a couple of Bards barely old enough to drink, and some out of work Rogues. You are there. You are the leader of this ragtag group of freedom fighters. Luckily you have a Bard with you to sing your glories, if you survive. For this is the stuff of legends. Before starting your adventure, you have to create your party. You either add created members to your party or create some characters. You have to choose between 7 races and up to 8 classes. After that, the game feels like Wizardry. Instead of fighting off enemies in the exploring world, the game goes into a battle mode every time you encounter an enemy. Bur before fighting, you have the choice of either fighting the enemy or run away. The graphics are quite good for its time, but there is no sound, but for 1995 DOS game, it's excusable. Overall, Bard's Tale is a great fantasy RPG game for its time. Hardcore RPG fans would this one enjoyable.