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The Bard's Tale (Trilogy + 2004 version) (pc game)
4.5 out of 5 (2 votes)
  • Better graphics than 80's version
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Flashy update to a classic

This update on the classic series of fantasy RPGs that began with the original Bard's Tale offers fans a pretty decent take on the legendary franchise and while it differs quite significantly from its inspiration, it remains a fun and enjoyable game. The player takes on the role of the eponymous musician who finds himself caught up in an epic quest slightly outside his usual frame of reference. After a princess is kidnapped by a demonic cult that has extremely unpleasant plans in mind for her, the bard must cast aside his usual selfishness and save her before it's too late. The gameplay is a very action-oriented take on the RPG formula, with the player able to unleash arrow after arrow and wade through seemingly neverending waves of enemies with a shining blade in combat which is exhilarating and enjoyable. You also have access to magic songs and can summon buddies to help out while building your party in familiar fashion. You also get to interact with NPCs and the conversation system allows for nice or sarcastic response to be given, clearly indicating the game's less than serious approach. A very different take on the original games, this update is a slightly curious experience which isn't wholly satisfying but which delivers some interesting gameplay. The humour is the game's biggest strongpoint and it provides a fair amount of genuinely funny moments. The gameplay however is fun to start with but soon becomes a little dull, making it a bit of a slog at times. The visuals are strong and atmospheric though and all in all, this is an intriguing, if not quite spectacular, take on a classic.