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Go go gadget robot

Bionic Dues is definitely not a flashy game but for anyone after a good bit of strategy/rogue-like fun, it makes for a good bet. It's a sort of mix of Laser Squad, Rogue, FTL, and Darkspore and provides some challenging tactical entertainment at a reasonable price. There's not much in the way of story though, so anyone looking for a deep narrative should look elsewhere, but it makes up for this in the complexity of its customization and the strategic elements. You're placed in control of one character plus several robots, with the gameplay then proceeding through three main sections. First up is a city map where you choose your missions, then it's on to the gear screen, where you select from a wide range of equipment and weapons, and then it's on to the combat and exploration. The game plays out in turn-based fashion, but feels almost real-time as it is quite fast-paced. This doesn't mean it lacks any strategy though, and you'll need to get your thinking hat on in order to win, as there are plenty of opportunities for tactical play. Bionic Dues is quite the little delight. It's an easily missed game, due to its less than flashy visuals (which are actually decent enough), but if you do take the time to investigate, you'll find it very rewarding. There are heaps of options to tinker around with, and which actually have meaningful differences on the gameplay. It's not an overly hard game, even on the higher difficulty levels, thanks to some middling AI, but it's enjoyable for most of its running time, and that's probably the most important thing.
Bionic Dues (pc game)
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