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It's time to go 'Boom!'

Acting as a sort of spiritual successor to the popular World War II era real-time strategy series, also called Blitzkrieg, this is a fine modern interpretation which is well worth adding to your collection. It combines some lush visuals with heaps of detail and intense military combat in one well-rounded package which provides heaps of entertainment for lone players and those interested in multiplayer match-ups. The single-player campaign is pretty extensive and highlights some of the major events of the conflict while allowing you to see things from the perspective of the three major factions. The bulk of the game is geared towards multi-player though and which consists of launching assaults on enemy territory or acting as defender. Whichever faction you choose, you've got a wide range of historically accurate units to choose from and which offers an extensive set of options for tactical gameplay. You've also got real world commanders from the war to act as your own leaders while the game takes place in a persistent world where your general will actually issue commands even if your computer is switched off. Blitzkrieg 3 certainly looks the part, with some fantastically rich visuals which really bring the chaos of war to life in glorious fashion. The environments and units explode with satisfying blazes of color and there's heaps of detail to take in. The gameplay is fast and furious but lacks little in the way of strategy, although purists might prefer a slower-paced and more thoughtful approach. If you're looking for action though, this is a real blast.