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Block'hood (pc game)
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  • Image related to Block'hood game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Block'hood game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Block'hood game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Block'hood is still in development but despite the early stage which it is at, it's still a fine experience that is more than worth ten bucks of your money. It's a block-based building simulator, a bit like SimCity and such games, and although it's obviously lacking some features, it still manages to pack in a lot of entertainment. At the moment, the game is essentially a freeflow building sim, where you're trying to build up your neighborhood one block at a time. Where this differs from other similar games is the emphasis on connectivity and synergy between blocks and areas of your town, so you really need to consider how everything fits together rather than just plonking things down willy-nilly. There's already a decent set of blocks to choose from but the finished product promises even more, while other nice elements include the addition of verticality to city planning and the way that areas will decay and become rundown if you don't look after them. Block'hood really is a clever and inventive title that should be checked out if you're into building games or just cool indie titles. Although the core concept has been seen many times before, it's the details that are present here which make it so refreshing and enjoyable to play. The many blocks on offer give you a good range of options for how you develop things while the various new mechanics add a whole lot of strategy and variety to proceedings, as does the Challenge mode. Although the visuals are quite simple, they're also charming and detailed and help make this a highly appealing little game.

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