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It's bats and balls!

Also going by the name of Impact, this is a fairly tasty but ever so slightly unspectacular addition to the ball and bat genre typified by classics like Breakout, Batty and of course Arkanoid (probably the finest title in this genre, alongside the sequel Arkanoid 2). Most of the game is pretty familiar stuff, but there's at least one mild twist to liven things up so if you are a fan of this kind of thing, and this one passed you by, it's certainly worth a look. As ever, the player takes control of a little bat and must knock a ball through a series of levels that are populated by dozens of bricks. Most of the bricks disappear when the ball hits, some requiring multiple hits, while others are indestructible and are simply annoying. Some of the blocks release powerups when destroyed and it's here that the game's main twist comes into play. Instead of conferring the powerup immediately, what happens here is that the player can choose to save any bonuses up and then release them when they are ready, in the hope of making it to the point where they get a better one. It's a classic risk versus reward system which actually works incredibly well and helps to make the game slightly more interesting than many others in this genre. The levels too are cleverly designed, with some nicely imaginative and challenging layouts that will keep even veterans on their toes. Visuals are pretty standard for this kind of thing, lacking Arkanoid's gloss and vibrancy, but they are perfectly serviceable nonetheless so all things considered, this is a fine addition to the club.