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Bombshell Digital Deluxe Edition (pc game)
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Save the president, kill the aliens

Like a cross between old-school shooters such as Duke Nukem and classic dungeon crawlers such as Diablo II, Bombshell is a cracking piece of entertainment where the action never lets up. This Deluxe Edition is perhaps a tad expensive for what it offers over the base version but if you're into digital art books, soundtracks and digital maps, it might just be worth it. The game itself thrusts you into the well worn shoes of Shelly "Bombshell' Harrison, a bomb disposal expert turned merc who just happens to be the only person in the universe who can save the president from evil kidnapping aliens with plans of ultimate doom. What follows is a mix of retro shooter action and isometric RPG mechanics as you explore a series of vast environments while blowing the merry hell out of all the aliens you find while upgrading and customizing your character. You've got a decent range of weaponized arm options to choose from, along with sidequests, levelling up and much more. For a nice bit of simple but rollicking entertainment, Bombshell makes for a good time. The plot might not be that original but it makes up for it with sheer gusto and verve, with Shelly making for an appealing heroine. The action-based gameplay is fast and furious with lots to take in at any time and much to keep you playing. Things are given added depth by the RPG mechanics, with the levelling up and customization lending further appeal. The visuals too are nice and slick with some good environments and cutscenes so overall, this is a worthy purchase.