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Braid (pc game)
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Braid is a cracking little puzzle platformer that plays out like a bizarre mix of Mario and Prince of Persia, with its blend of time travelling mechanics and hop 'n' bop gameplay. It's a game which looks as good as it plays so if you have any interest in platformers, this needs to be added to your collection. In similar fashion to the legendary plumber's adventures, it's your job to venture forth a save a princess from imprisonment and which sees you travelling through a series of increasingly complicated worlds. These take the form of traditional 2D platform-style environments but before you start thinking this is just another clone, there are several important mechanics which come into play. The main thing is that in each level, you have a different power which affects how time works and it's these which really make the game so cunning and clever as you're going to have to use these powers to overcome the forces of Time itself. At first glance, Braid might seem to be all that original or interesting but just spending a few minutes with it makes you realize that it's actually something rather special. It's certainly got some beautiful visuals which bring its magical world to glorious life but delve deeper than this surface level and you'll something even more enthralling. The puzzles and non-linear storytelling on display here are clever, inventive, and just plain brilliant, with the various powers forcing you to really use your noggin. The level structure is superb so if you get stuck, you can just keep exploring until you figure it out, and this is just one of many features that make this an instant classic.

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