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Capsized (pc game)
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  • Image related to Capsized game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Capsized game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Capsized game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Capsized game sale. Credit: Steam.

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There are 4 shops proposing this game for digital download at an average price of $ 10.40. Price is rising up (▲ + $ 7.44) since two weeks ago.
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GamersGate GamersGate Key [?] $ 9.94 best deal
GOG GOG Direct [?] $ 9.99 view deal
Steam Steam Direct [?] $ 9.99 view deal
GamesDeal GamesDeal Key [?] $ 11.71 view deal
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Not as fun as it should be

Anyone who's checked out the likes of Unmechanical might be curious to try out this similar looking game. It's an undeniably gorgeous experience that mixes platforming, puzzling and minimalist storytelling, but it's slightly less than captivating and doesn't quite live up to expectations. The story finds you in the shoes of an intrepid space traveler whose ship has crashlanded on a mysterious alien world. You now have to navigate your way through the hostile environment, save your crewmates, find a way off the planet, all while avoiding the various hazards the planet has to offer. The game itself is a mix of 2D platforming and puzzling, and you have a handy little jetpack to help you fly around, as well as tools like the gravity hook to allow you to manipulate the environment. There's a pretty extensive set of campaign missions to explore, while the whole world is well realized, with an impressive array of alien lifeforms, objectives and locations. On the surface, Capsized seems like a great little game. It gets off to a nice start with its undeniably charming and impressive visuals, which are packed with details and personality. However, as you play through, you realize a lot of them are quickly re-used which is a little disappointing. The gameplay too starts out intriguingly with some interesting puzzles and fun platforming segments, but again it soon devolves into a bit of a mechanical grind fest, where you use the same old strategies to lure out enemies. It's a shame really, and in the end this all proves to be less fun than it should be.

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