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Ceville (pc game)
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  • Can I borrow your stick?
  • I came for my money!
  • Do you have any good stuff for sale?
  • Maybe I should sit down for tea
  • Entering a mine
  • Are you one of those golden ghosts?

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Play as the bad guy

The story of Ceville is quite simple: an evil tyrant named Ceville has been thrown from his power by a group of rebels and now, with the help of his sidekick and some other character he meets along the game, is on a guest to reclaim his throne of the kingdom of Faeryanis. Immediately in the introduction video, you find that this game has a lot of humor to offer, one of my favorite parts being the scene where Ceville tries to solve complaints that are being adressed by both the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, with the final verdict being that both groups are quilty. Ceville is a point-and-click game, where item collecting and puzzle solving are required in order to progress through the game. You can even analyze your surroundings, in hopes of maybe getting some clues for solving some of the game's puzzles. Ceville is a fun game, where your wish of playing as the bad guy is granted, offering lots of humor, beautiful graphics and top notch voice acting.

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