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Cognition: Game of the Year Edition (pc game)
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Less than stellar stuff

This adventure shares many similarities with the likes of Gabriel Knight and Broken Sword (not surprisingly, due to the presence of renowned writer Jane Jensen), but while it's undeniably stylish in the looks department, it never quite hits the heights the genre can reach. You take on the role of a tough FBI agent who has the rather handy ability to look into the past, and it's your job to solve four baffling cases involving serial killers, and which will test your every skill. The game plays out as a fairly typical point and click adventure, but even if you've never played one before, it's really easy to pick up and get into. You basically get to explore a series of environments, following the story, looking for clues and solving the various puzzles which bar your progress, all of which is easy to do, thanks to the simple and intuitive controls. The game's main draw is perhaps its visuals and its credits, but while it certainly delivers on the former, it's the latter aspect which actually lets the side down, which is a surprise. The graphics are lovely, with slick, stylish and striking design work which really leaps off the screen. However, the story is pretty poorly told, lacking in the depth and sophistication that you would expect, with some ropey dialogue and some badly realised characters. Things aren't helped by the game's sluggish pace, and although most of the puzzles are challenging and logical, the way they are presented is a bit heavy handed and prescriptive. Overall, this is one for hardened genre fans but even they can expect to be a little let down.

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