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Colin McRae Rally (pc game)
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  • Driving under the snow

The first in a series of best rally games

This game is only the first among 10 games in the series that have been released so far. After the eighth game, it was renamed Dirt and by that name is it most famous today. The game is a revolution in rally racing games for its realism and detail in the representation of real life rally races. This first game features real cars and drivers from the 1998 World Rally Championship season and Colin McRae was one of the drivers and provided technical advice during development, hence the name. The game is incredibly realistic in the visualization of the game and gameplay itself. The game contains stages in eight countries; New Zealand, Greece, Monaco, Australia, Sweden, Corsica, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. The PC version also includes four unlockable tracks. The track design are magnificent and driving them is a great experience. All this is accompanied by a great soundtrack. So, go ahead, get behind the wheels of the cars and race in one of the best rally games in history and for other great racing game check out Need For speed or Trackmania. Fun guaranteed!