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DARK (pc game)
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The vampire within

Although DARK sounds like a promising mix of things like Dishonored and Bloodrayne, it unfortunately proves to be a very middling affair that is only really of interest to those who like mediocre games. It's got a suitably grim storyline but fails to back it up with suitably engaging gameplay and gets pretty dull quickly. The plot finds you in control of Eric Bane, an unfortunate chap who gets bitten by a vampire and then loses his memory. In order to survive, Bane needs to find the vamp who bit him so he can drink his blood, thus setting in motion an epic journey of discovery and survival. What follows is a mix of stealth and action, as you explore a series of large environments, while avoiding of attacking enemies, including other vampires and more mundane obstacles, as you search for the key to your continued existence. As you progress, you'll gain access to a variety of abilities, like leaping across space in the blink of an eye, while there are also a few multiple choice dialogues which help to progress the storyline. DARK is mildly diverting for a short time but just suffers from too many problems to make it a must play. The storyline is suitably gothic but isn't otherwise all that interesting, while enemy AI is pretty weak stuff, making this less challenging and entertaining than it should be. The core gameplay is also very repetitive, with no new ideas implemented as you progress. The visuals are moody stuff, but perhaps a bit too grim, so overall, this is not a game you're going to miss playing.

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