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Dead Rising (pc game)
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Time to kick to zombie skull

Like a bizarre mix of Pokemon Snap and Resident Evil comes the original Dead Rising, a gore-filled zombie game that packs in laughs as well as tension and which proves to be a highly entertaining experience. You take control of Frank West, a photojournalist who finds himself with the scoop of a lifetime when the zombie apocalypse strikes in the small town of Willamette. Taking place over a 72 hour period, the game sees you exploring the local mall, most of which is crawling with zombies. There's a mix of story-based missions, which require you to be in the right place at the right time, and side quests, and which require you to a mix of zombie slaying, snapping pictures or dressing up in looted clothes. There are RPG elements in the way you can level up by rescuing survivors and which allows you to learn new moves which you can use to kill zombies in ever more inventive ways. You can also make use of practically anything that's lying around as a weapon, which makes the combat even more interesting, and there's certainly no shortage of inventiveness in the kill options on display here. Dead Rising really is a modern classic of the zombie genre. It mixes action, horror and laughs to great effect and the over-the-top nature of the game makes it hugely entertaining from start to finish. There's also a surprisingly deep storyline to enjoy, with some clever social and political commentary, and while the visuals are looking a bit dated, the sense of epic scale (with up to 1000 zombies onscreen at a time), makes up for this. All in all, a cracking bit of horror gaming.

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