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Deadnaut (pc game)
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Moody and tense

Deadnaut is a modern take on the classic rogue-like formula as seen in Rogue and Hack and while it offers plenty of atmosphere, it unfortunately proves to be a little too harsh for its own good. It's also very minimalist in its approach and while this does give it its atmosphere, it also renders it for hardcore genre fans only. The game takes a sci-fi approach, and sees you in control of a squad of Dreadnauts, robot-like creatures which explore the ships of dead civilizations, looting them for treasure or whatever else they can find. You get to command a squad of five of these Dreadnauts and must guide them through a series of dungeon-style level, taking out security droids and other such enemies by making use of each individual bot's skills and weapons. There's a wide range of options for your squad and you can take different approaches to missions, depending on your mood, choosing an all-guns blazing style or going for the sneaky way in. Many new-school gamers will be put off by the game as it doesn't offer much in the way of tutorials or assistance and because it is brutally tough going. However, for many this is going to be a big appeal and if you like your games challenging, you're likely to get more out of this. The minimalist approach really does create a great atmosphere and you feel as if you are exploring deserted spaceships, with all the tension that goes with it. However, the controls are pretty clunky, while there's a lack of clarity, that although it is deliberate, doesn't make for pure entertainment. This really is one of those games that you need to try for yourself.

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