Deponia 4: Deponia Doomsday (pc game)
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The fourth entry in the hugely popular series of Deponia point-and-click adventure games, this is a satisfying end the franchise that only disappoints in its lackluster ending. Apart from this though, this is a fine adventure that is well worth adding to your collection. It's probably best to start with the first game in the series as otherwise you'll be a bit confused so go back to the start and work your way through in order to get the most out of this. The story is a fairly bonkers time-travelling mashup that finds our hero, Rufus, hooking up with a temporal scientist in order to try and avoid the events of previous games but of course it's not going to be all that easy so you can expect lots of comedy hijinx and crazy characters along the way. The gameplay is familiar stuff, this being a standard point-and-click adventure for the most part, with lots of puzzles and exploration to be done. As this is based around time travel, there is a certain amount of backtracking and revisiting locations but it's not too annoying and for the most part, this lives up to the standards of its predecessors. This is most likely to appeal to those who like their adventures with a mad sense of humor, like Discworld or Monkey Island and this generally pretty amusing stuff (especially in German). The visuals too are quite spanking, with lots of nice environments and character design while the puzzles are challenging but not overly frustrating and when all this is combined, you're left with a fine romp.

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