Desktop Dungeons (pc game)
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Mixing elements of rogue-likes such as Rogue and puzzlers like the DROD series, this is an absolute delight from start to finish. It's maddeningly addictive and for anyone with an interest in dungeon crawlers, puzzlers or just good games, it's an absolute must play. The game is designed to be played in short doses, from ten to twenty minutes at a time, and simply charges you with exploring a series of randomly generated dungeons which are just packed with hazards and puzzles to solve. You've got all the features you would expect from such a game, including the fantasy-style theme, several adventurers and classes to choose from, heaps of items and treasure to discover, and of course a wide range of nasties to defeat, including some pretty beastly bosses. The whole thing is presented in simple fashion, via some topdown graphics which nevertheless manage to do a good job of conveying all the information needed and give the game some personality. You start out with some handy tutorials which explain the basics but be warned, once they're done, you're on your own and this is one game which rewards perseverance and dedication as it is not easy. Some might be put off by the difficulty level, which can be pretty unforgiving, but if you can stick with it, there's a lot to enjoy here. The puzzles and combat are both well integrated into the gameplay, with a nice mix of the two to ensure things don't get too repetitive. Throw in some detailed and deep RPG elements and you have a near-perfect rogue-like which is just right for playing in your lunch break.

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