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  • Game introduction screen
  • The game has started, let's rock!
  • Use those blue bottles for extra energy
  • You're behing the jail, eh!?
  • Wandering the second stage
  • Rifle reloading
  • Just killed one of those zombies
  • Health is quite low
  • Again, at the beginning of second stage
  • You've been killed
  • need some ammo!
  • no more weapons? use the chainsaw!
  • ending screen
  • Final boss!
  • Imp being shot
  • 100  life... so good
  • First epic stage
  • Courtesy of Arena 80.
  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
  • Image extracted from game introduction video.
5 out of 5

Classic sequel to a classic shooter

Doom II's subtitle pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the game: Hell on Earth. This first sequel to the classic and hardcore shooter, Doom, follows on from its predecessor in both story and gameplay and while it doesn't offer much innovation to the established formula, it remains an enjoyable and hectic blast-fest. The story picks up directly after the conclusion of the first game and finds the player facing off against more hordes of demons as they surge through the universe, destroying everything they come across. The game takes players through a range of environments, including space ships, cities and the like and while the levels are still largely linear, Doom has never been about exploration. The series is also known for its impressively over-the-top weapons and while the classics remain, rather disappointingly there is only one new addition, the double-barrelled shotgun, although it is immensely satisfying to use. Other changes are fairly minimal, with perhaps the biggest being a new line-up of monsters and with a new power-up really being the only other noticeable one. Graphics and sound too are largely unchanged but remain slick enough, with all the usual cool effects, roars and gunfire adding much to the atmosphere. Apart from this, it's business as usual, and Doom II is packed to the rafters with intense blasting action. It's not complex or deep and requires little more than a fast trigger finger but it is undeniably fun and that's what games are about. If you want to play a slice of gaming history, grab Doom II, sit back and enjoy the ride.
5 out of 5

Old but still widely loved

I first played this game when i was 4, i was terrible at it, but i recently played it about 3 years ago with a computers class, it was awesome, we used a multiplayer server program called zDaemon, and used it for a massive 13 player deathmatch and capture the flag game, even for a co-op story mode with 13 people!the guys at my class really liked it, it was fun, very oldschool, and still good and fun even fourty years into the future.Yet none knows how well games will evolve in that time, but only time can tell if this classic can still be called atleast one thing. Great Fun.
5 out of 5

The father of FPS games

In 1994 Id software produced one of the masterpiece in the videogames history, one of the games that really was a revolution. It is Doom 2 and you know it will be a worth downloading and playing it again. The episode follow the previous and now you are back to the hearth, where you find an hell! So, fight against the demons along the 30 levels, use a lot of new weapons and defeat the evil arrived on the earth.
  • 4.5 out of 5 (977 votes)
    Doom 2 (pc game)
  • Alternative title: doom ii: hell on earth
  • Genre: Action, FPS (First Person Shooter), Aliens invasion
  • Software house: id Software
  • Year: 1994
  • System: DOS

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