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Driftmoon (pc game)
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Standard questing fun

Taking its cues from classic narrative-based RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Siege of Avalon, Driftmoon is a distinctly average slice of fantasy questing that is only really suited for hardcore genre fans. There's nothing overly wrong with it, it's just a little too familiar to be wholeheartedly recommended. The story starts out innocuously enough, with the player returning home to visit their parents only to find themselves being pushed down a well. When you eventually make it out, you find all the town's inhabitants have been turned to stone and your father taken captive by lizardmen. This translates into a fairly traditional top down RPG experience, where you wander round, chat to NPCs, pick up quests to go along with the main one and of course, engaging in battles. The story is well fleshed out, but there is a lot of reading to do, so if you prefer to get on with the action, this might not be for you. There are all the other usual elements, such as skill trees and leveling up, while the game also features a day/night cycle to increase the sense of immersion. There's little here that hasn't been seen before and if you do get a kick out of such games, you're likely to enjoy this. The quest is certainly engaging enough, with some decent characters, but there is a little too much reading, and which makes the game feel like a book rather than an actual game. Visually, the game is pleasant rather than spectacular, with environments that are again familiar and lacking in originality but which are nicely detailed. Overall, this is a solid, if uninspiring RPG that makes for passing entertainment.

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