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DROD 4: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder (pc game)
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The DROD series of puzzlers, and their RPG spin off, DROD RPG, are great little games that pack lots of cleverness and inventiveness into small packages, and which are well worth checking out. Despite being set in the same world as previous games, this one is actually a good jumping on point for newcomers, but also contains plenty to keep series veterans happy. The story here is surprisingly complex for such a game, and tells the tale of one Gunthro Budkin, grandfather to the series regular hero, and his exploits to save his land. To say more of the story would be to spoil some of the game's charms, but suffice to say, it's entertaining and will keep you hooked to the end. The gameplay here is similar to earlier instalments, and sees you exploring a series of dungeon-style environments, and which require you to solve puzzles in order to progress. The key element of the series though, is its turn-based nature, which adds an entirely new element to proceedings and which helps the games to stand out. This one features all new elements, but is designed to be a little more forgiving than other titles, hence why it is so appealing to newcomers. Old hands will still find plenty to amuse themselves though, partly due to the enthralling story, but also the continuing cleverness with which the puzzles are designed, as well as the new monsters and new environments. The game retains the familiar style, which although simple, is quite charming, while in terms of interface, it's a breeze to pick up. Overall, a great game whether you're new to the series or a veteran.

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