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Dungeons 2: A Chance of Dragons (pc game)
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Here be dragons

The base game of Dungeons 2 is a decent bit of strategy fun that doesn't take itself too seriously and offers some enjoyably fast-paced action. A Chance of Dragons is actually an add-on pack for the original, so don't bother picking it up if you haven't already got the base version. However, if you are a fan and are looking for a way to extend its lifespan, this is a cheap and cheerful way of doing so and it offers a decent amount of content for a very low price. The base gameplay remains the same as before, and what you have here is three all-new skirmish missions, which are based around the concept of dragons invading the world of Dungeons 2. Your main goal is to stop the dragons and steal from them an ancient treasure which they guard, while hunting for dragon eggs and facing off against mages and the dragons themselves. The three missions offer around ten hours of total content, and include some new units including the aforementioned mages and dragons. There's not much else included here, but to be honest for just a few bucks, you can't really expect too much. However, the three missions and the ten hours of gameplay they offer is actually not bad for the price and you can't really complain. The missions are varied and enjoyable, with the new units adding in some interesting challenge to proceedings, while the opening up of the world is also quite welcome. The visuals remain as decent as ever, with nice use of color, good detail and slick character and environment work. This isn't a must play, but it is a good example of how to do an add-on.

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