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Dungeons 2: A Song of Sand and Fire (pc game)
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Sing me a song...

Before picking this up, be sure to have a copy of the base game of Dungeons 2 as this is a piece of DLC rather than a game in its own right. However, before getting the original, be warned that for the price it's quite a short experience, albeit one that's quite fun thanks to the devilish sense of humor on display. The game itself is a fairly familiar fantasy RTS game mixed with management elements, a kind of cross between Dungeon Keeper and Warcraft and which sees you taking the side of the bad guys in a fun campaign. This add-on keeps to the same basic gameplay of the original and weaves a similarly enjoyable story revolving around an insane priestess who is on the loose and burning everything she can get her hands on. This translates into a single player campaign with three new missions which should take around ten hours to play through and which introduces some new units with a certain fiery flavor to their personality. A Song of Sand and Fire is certainly a fun little addition if you did enjoy the base game and for a few bucks, it's worth picking up if you're looking for an extension. The new story is as wonderfully twisted as you would expect, and the missions themselves are quite challenging and rarely less than enjoyable. The new units add in some interesting tactical challenges, while the visuals remain as you would expect, and are as personality-filled as before. The game still suffers from the same issues which affect its parent but if you can handle them there, then you can likely deal with them here, so if you are a fan, by all means take a look.

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