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Elven Legacy Collection edition (pc game)
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Live up to your legacy

As far as Fantasy Wars-style turn-based games go, Elven Legacy is a pretty solid one, making it well worth adding to the collection of any genre fan. This pack is probably the best way to get into the franchise, as it includes the original game plus three add-ons which extend the lifespan of the base title quite significantly. There's a complex storyline spread across the four games which sees you delving deeply into the history and mystery of the well-realized classical fantasy world and which finds you interacting with some well written and genuinely interesting characters. The gameplay itself is also a classic, featuring hex-based and turn-based combat, where you lead your mighty heroes through a series of narrative-led scenarios, battling evil as you go. There are multiple endings to discover here, encouraging replay value, while the battles are pretty epic in scale, with a number of varied units with their own stratgic value to discover. There's also a powerful editor and some clever and very solid mechanics which add depth to the overall experience. This really is a great set of strategy games that deserves to be picked up. The setting feels a little different from the usual fantasy stuff, with a depth and maturity that is rare. The gameplay is highly satisfying as it really rewards strategy and cunning, making it a good bet for veteran armchair generals. The visuals are decent enough, with some nice character and environment work while the add-ons bring some entirely new elements to the base game and make it even more enjoyable. All in all, a fine game.

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