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Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition (pc game)
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As good as EE1

Build and experience the human history. Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition is an exciting RTS games developed by Mac Doc Software. If you enjoyed Empire Earth 1 then you will love this game. The story continues with newer extensions. Fight the World War or even the Civil war. It starts from the ancient war to World War II. Take a quest to the history of great nations. The game has an amazing graphic with great sound effects. Empire Earth 2 has improved its graphics from its previous version. A lot of innovative new features are included in this version. In this great historical game you have to build and fight for USA, Korea, Russia, and Germany. It is basically the combination of Empire Earth II and its expansion The Art of Supremacy. It is a complex game with a lot of depth. Other than some pathfinder issues this game is a perfect RTS game for you with a 5 star rating. If you are a fan of history and RTS games then Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition is the perfect buy for you. It is worth every penny.

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GOG Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition $ 4.00 $ 9.99 Direct [?] best deal
GreenManGaming Empire Earth 2: Gold Edition $ 8.99 Code [?] view deal
GamersGate Empire Earth II: Gold Edition $ 9.00 Code [?] view deal
DotEmu Empire Earth II - Gold Edition $ 9.99 Direct [?] view deal
GamesRocket Empire Earth II Gold Edition $ 11.48 Code [?] view deal

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