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Eternal Champions (pc game)
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We are the champions!

Sega's attempt at creating a rival to the mighty Street Fighter 2 series of one-on-one fighting games isn't quite as stunning as the aforementioned franchise, but for a neat alternative, it actually makes for a good choice. It's a pretty hard game, so genre veterans will probably get the most out of it, but there's no denying that it's an enjoyable brawler enlivened by its setting and characters. The setting describes how nine fighters who died unjustly are brought back to life by a mysterious being for a second chance at life. The only catch is that they have to fight each other in order to prove who is most worthy. The fighters are a mix of characters from the past, present and future, with a cat burglar standing alongside a circus acrobat, a futuristic bounty hunter, a vampire, a Neanderthal, an Atlantean warrior and more. The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's ever seen a one-on-one fighter, with the simple goal of beating your opponent down with your range of special moves, including a Mortal Kombat-style Overkill, which allows you to kill your defeated enemy in gory fashion. For fighting fans looking for a new fix, this makes for an excellent choice. It's perhaps not an easy game to pick up and play, requiring a lot of time to learn the moves and the differences between the characters, but if you're prepared to sink in the time, it's a very rewarding experience, with heaps of satisfying brawling. It's also blessed with some nice old-school visuals and character work, so if that sort of thing is your bag, then check this out.

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