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Frozen Synapse: Red (pc game)
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Take 'em down!

The original Frozen Synapse was a clever and enjoyable bit of turn-based strategy that played out a little like the Jagged Alliance games, but with a sci-fi twist. It combined simple but stylish visuals with deep tactical gameplay to great effect, making it a fine addition to any strategy fan's collection. This is an expansion pack but which doesn't need the original to play and remains as enthralling as ever thanks to some interesting additions and the return of the essential elements of the game. The basic gameplay remains the same, this being a turn-based squad shooter, where you send out your little troopers on a series of complex missions to do battle with the enemy. There's a level of precision to the way you give orders that is unusual for such a game and which gives the game a nice sense of standing out from the crowd. Additions here include co-op play to take on the computer, an exclusive single player campaign not found elsewhere, some challenge missions, a new game type, a new unit plus a few other bits and bobs. Red really is a fine bit of strategy gaming. It might not look all that flashy, although the minimalist sci-fi look is quite stylish, but it's got what it needs under the hood. The range of options and the complexity of the missions means there's a lot to get your teeth into and you should be playing this for some time. There's a good amount of content, despite the low price, and the AI puts up a decent fight, while the co-op mode is the icing on the cake and really brings the game to life. All in all, an excellent purchase.

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