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Future Wars (Strategy, 2010) (pc game)
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Taking its cues from classic turn-based strategy games like Battle Isle and Massive Assault, Future Wars is a decent if unspectacular entry into the genre which isn't as good as its inspirations, but which provides some solid entertainment. There's a bit of a storyline here, which follows the futuristic adventures of Max and his chum Buddy entering a military academy in order to become part of the elite Armed Global Forces. It's all a bit inconsequential but pleasant enough. The main gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's played any of the aforementioned titles or Advance Wars, with the turn-based combat offering that often used mechanic of rock/paper/scissors making another appearance here. Games are medium sized in scale, with a variety of units at your disposal, while you're allowed to move and make one other action per turn. This is quite restrictive and it does mean that games often end up in stalemate, which can prove frustrating. The main mode here is the campaign but you can also play in hotseat mode and there's also an editor to create your own maps and even tweak unit capabilities. Future Wars is decent enough but probably a little simplistic for the hardcore wargamer. The units aren't all that varied or original, making the action a little duller than you would hope but the AI does put up a fairly stiff challenge, meaning this isn't going to be a walkover to complete. The campaign isn't that long but is entertaining enough as long as you're not expecting a full blown wargame, so if all you're after is an easy to pick up experience, this does the job.

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