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Gnomoria (pc game)
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  • Image related to Gnomoria game sale. Credit: Steam.
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  • Image related to Gnomoria game sale. Credit: Steam.

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For a neat low-fi alternative to Dwarf Fortress or The Settlers, Gnomoria makes a fine choice. It's a sandbox-style village management sim where you look after the daily activities of a bunch of gnomes and although it looks a little less sophisticated than some of its rivals, it provides everything genre fans could ask for. You're basically in control of these gnomes who have decided to break out on their own and establish their own settlement so it's up to you to help them achieve their goal of a happy, bustling kingdom. You're responsible for just about everything, from building them homes to crafting items to digging for resources and setting traps to protect them from whatever lurks in the wilderness. As your wealth increases, you might attract wandering gnomads but you've also got to watch out for enemies who will try and steal your money. The game allows you to play as you want, so if you want to go peacefully and set up trade routes and dig for things, you can, but if you want a more militaristic experience then that's also fair game. The game is procedurally generated so every round is different while the environment is completely destructible so you can use literally everything to craft, mine or harvest and turn it into something else, including some very clever mechanical contraptions like steam engines. Gnomoria might look a little low-tech but don't let this fool you into thinking it's simple. There's really a lot of depth here and the sheer amount of stuff to discover is likely to keep you playing for some time, so if you need a new strategy title that's fun, check this out.

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