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Goliath (pc game)
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  • Image related to Goliath game sale. Credit: Steam.
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Aargh! Robots!

Although this looks undeniably lovely, as a game it's unfortunately plagued by too many issues to be really worth anyone's time so unless the concept really hooks you and you don't mind putting up with some very frustrating problems, it's best skipped. The idea here is that you find yourself falling through a rift which ends up in a strange world containing the remnants of a hundred dead civilizations. The land is filled with factions vying for supremacy and to survive in this hostile world, you need to scavenge resources and use them to build giant robots (obviously). Your creations start out simply enough, with wooden affairs your first constructions, but as you progress, you learn how to make ones from stone, metal, and other materials, each of which can be customized with weapons and other items to help them survive. You'll also need to pick a faction to side with and must worry about creating shelter and crafting tools and other items in order to ensure your survival. Goliath starts out as a promising Minecraft-style adventure but it soon becomes apparent that while there's a great idea here, the execution is far from perfect. The good points include the lovely visuals which are brimming with personality, thanks to some excellent character and environment design. The core idea is sound too and offers some fun to start with but it's plagued by problems such as the narrow viewpoint which means you can't really see what's going on, the confusing missions and the poor presentation (the text is woefully small). Add all these together and you're left with a bit of a mess.

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