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Gomo (pc game)
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Standard adventure fare

Following in the footsteps of recent point-and-click adventures like Machinarium, Gomo is a pretty standard entry into the genre and which is a long way from the giddy heights of Monkey Island or Fate of Atlantis. The plot finds players in control of Gomo, an unusual little fellow who wakes up one day to find his dog has been kidnapped. He receives a message from the aliens responsible for this dastardly act and finds he must locate a red crystal and give it to the aliens if he wants to see he dog again. This quest sees him venturing through a series of environments including a factory, the countryside and even space before he is reunited with his best chum. In gameplay terms, this is a standard side scrolling, single player point-and-click game which distinguishes itself through its surreal visual style. It uses a simple interface to increase accessibility and is told entirely without text, using animations only to impart information. Puzzles are a mix the usual inventory-based ones and those based around the environment. Gomo gets off to a great start, with some impressive visuals that do a great job of sucking you in to its bizarre world. However, things go downhill pretty quickly after that. The gameplay is just too tedious and over familiar to be truly enjoyable, with little real thought apparently having gone into its design. The puzzles are nothing special but at least provide a bit of challenge, while the whole thing is only going to keep you busy for a couple of hours. Gomo isn't a disaster but unless you're looking for a fairly unmemorable adventure, then look elsewhere.

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