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Gone Home (pc game)
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  • Image related to Gone Home game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Gone Home game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Gone Home game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Gone Home game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Steer well clear of this one

While Gone Home was heavily promoted as a revolutionary narrative experience, in reality it turns out to be a dull and tedious experience that is really not worth your time or effort. The game promises a rich, personal storyline that aims to capture your imagination in a way unlike other games, but it's actually not all that gripping, while the gameplay is almost non-existent. You're in control of a character who returns home after a year of traveling, only to find that there's no one there. You then have to explore the house in the hope of unraveling the mystery, and the game really does focus on exploration at the expense of anything else. There's no combat, next to no puzzles, and you're free to simply wander around as you wish, trying to get closer to the big hook as to why everything is deserted. The whole thing will only take a couple of hours to play through, but even at the end of it, the resolution to the mystery is pretty unsatisfying, leaving you wondering why you bothered in the first place. Gone Home could have been a fascinating exercise in video game storytelling but in the end, it fails on almost every level. The concept, of returning to a perfect recreation of a 1990s house, is flawed from the outset, as this isn't a period which really stands out in terms of aesthetics or cultural value. Couple this with the lack of any reveals of any interest and an almost complete lack of anything to actually do, and you're left with little more than a half-baked demo which probably should have been left on the drawing board.

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