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Grand Theft Auto 5 (pc game)
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  • Image related to Grand Theft Auto V game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Grand Theft Auto V game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Grand Theft Auto V game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Grand Theft Auto V game sale. Credit: Steam.

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Back and better than ever

The Grand Theft Auto series started out in controversial fashion way back in the nineties, and although the gameplay and look has changed a lot over the years, the core appeal remains the same, having been refined through several offerings until it reached the pinnacle in this instant classic. This one continues in a similar vein to its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, and is an open world adventure set in the fictional city of Los Santos and which follows the misadventures of three criminals with big ideas. The narrative a complex one, weaving between the three protagonists as they go about their lives, while occasionally coming together as they carry out heists. The gameplay is hugely varied, allowing you to complete a wide range of missions and activities, from stealing cars, to skydiving, to the aforementioned heists, all of which require you to behave in a less than savory manner. It's this variety and sense of the dangerous that is perhaps at the core of the series, and there's no denying that although it's morally dubious stuff, this is hugely entertaining to experience in the comfort of your own home. The story and characters are gloriously well written, with the right amount of black humor thrown into proceedings, and with lots of twists and turns along the way. There's also so much to do and see here that you'll be playing for years, while the visuals are superb, with Los Santos being an absolutely incredible creation that is simply a joy to explore. In basic terms, this is an instant classic which demands to be played.

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