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Gray Matter (pc game)
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An adventure with a bit of everything

Written by the creative genius involved in some of the best point-and-click adventures of recent years, including Gabriel Knight, Gabriel Knight 3, Police Quest 3 and King's Quest 6, Gray Matter is a cracking slice of horror/adventure that definitely needs to be played by genre fans. The player takes control of two very different characters, one a street magician and student, the other a scientist who researches the potential of the human mind. Together, they find themselves caught up in a complex mystery/thriller storyline which brings in elements of the supernatural and horror to captivating effect. It's best not to reveal too much here, but suffice to say there's a creepy old mansion, a clandestine magician's club and plenty more to discover. Gameplay follows the traditions laid down by genre creators such as Maniac Mansion, and sees the player switching between the two characters as they explore, collect items to solve inventory-based puzzles and interact with a number of unusual NPCs. The game also makes use of the two character's distinct skills, with magic tricks and scientific elements both integrated into the gameplay and puzzles. Gray Matter really is a top notch piece of adventuring. The storyline is gripping, with plenty of twists and turns and some interesting characters, while the puzzles are genuinely clever and thought-provoking, with some good variety. Visuals too are striking and highly atmospheric, creating a highly believable world that it is easy to be sucked into. All in all, a fine example of the genre, whether you're a newcomer or an old hand.

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