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Halfway (pc game)
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Aliens! Aargh!

Halfway is a decent little old-school-style turn-based RPG that plays like a mix between Laser Squad and Phantasy Star. It's not a classic, mainly due to its unfinished feel, while it also lacks a little depth, but overall it's worth taking a closer look at. The game's setting is far into the future, and finds humanity exploring the stars and colonizing new worlds. You're in control of a group of survivors who are attacked aboard their colonizing ship by a race of hostile aliens and the story and gameplay basically revolve around your fight to take back the ship. You've got a team of individual characters, with the usual variety of abilities and traits, and you'll need to consider things like positioning, cover and so on if you are to win this fight. The game mostly focuses on moving around the ship and engaging in combat with the aliens, and it plays out in turn-based fashion, perfect for those who don't like things to go too fast. Halfway is a pretty decent little game for much of its 10-14 hour running time, but there's just a few too many niggles to make it a must play. The story is intriguing but isn't well fleshed out for several hours, so it's hard to get invested in the characters. The combat starts out interesting enough but it soon gets a little too repetitive, with too little variety in the weapons and other elements to create much of a challenge. On the plus side, the visuals are lovely, with some wonderfully atmospheric design work, and with haunting music to match, but this isn't quite enough to save this from being very middle of the road.

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