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Homeworld Remastered Collection (pc game)
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Revisit a classic

The original Homeworld games are fondly remembered science fiction strategy titles that stand up hugely well today, offering fans the opportunity to live out their space exploration dreams in superb fashion. This pack offers both of the originals in newly remastered formats which basically update the visuals to a more modern look, while also streamlining the interface and adding in multiplayer. The first game finds you in control of a mother ship and a small fleet as you venture out into the galaxy, building up your ships by harvesting resources, conducting research and battling aliens. The second one is similar in concept but is a bit more epic in scope, taking place some 4000 years after the original and continuing the story of discovery and seeing you take command of a fleet in real-time as you seek to avenge the destruction of your homeworld. Both games are essentially space-based real-time strategy offerings and while some might bemoan the lack of development in the second one, there's no denying it's still a superb experience. This stands true for both games and now in their newly remastered format, they're even prettier and more enjoyable. The core gameplay is still as compelling as ever, with huge amounts of depth and two utterly gripping storylines that will have you hooked to the end. There's a genuine sense of awe as you venture into space and it really does feel like you're exploring the unknown. The new visuals and other tweaks are the icing on the cake of what is really a great package.

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