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Mixing elements of the original Grand Theft Auto and Postal, Hotline Miami is a modern classic that deserves to be played. It's a run 'n' gun actioner which requires fast reflexes and a strong stomach, as it is pretty violent, but it's never than thrillingly exciting to play, so check it out if you want some real visceral excitement. You take the role of a mysterious antihero in Miami in an alternate 1989, and embark on a bloody killing spree through the shadowy underworld, all at the behest of the voices on your answerphone. As you progress, you'll discover just why you are capable of such extreme acts of violence, but not before having wiped out enough people to populate a large island. The action is viewed from above and sees you making your way through a variety of garishly colored environments, making use of over thirty different weapons. The action is unrelenting, and really doesn't let up, and it feels like you're stuck in impossible situations every step of the way, but that is where the adrenaline really kicks in. However, it's not all full on action, and you will occasionally need some kind of strategy to survive, and which helps to elevate the game to something more than just a button basher. Hotline Miami really is a blast from start to finish. It's got plenty of stylish good looks and which are backed up by a pumping soundtrack that really gets the blood going. The action is genuinely thrilling, while the story is actually pretty clever and enthralling. It is violent but if that doesn't bother you, then enjoy the ride.
Hotline Miami (pc game)
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