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INSIDE (pc game)
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  • Image related to INSIDE game sale. Credit: Steam.
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Heart of darkness

Although the previous game from this developer, Limbo, proved a little divisive, there's no denying that it's a bold and striking piece of work. Thus, following up such a game was always going to be tricky but it does appear as if Inside is just as compelling, making it a good bet for those in search of something a little different. This one is another cinematic platformer, so could be considered a successor to the likes of Another World in concept if not in execution. Here, you play as a young boy who, without any real explanation, starts out the game by climbing down a rock in the middle of a forest. The game is entirely textless but as you explore, you'll discover that you're part of a dystopian world where strange experiments are carried out on the unwary, although your part in this is not clear from the outset. The gameplay itself is a mixture of stealth, platforming, and environmental puzzles, with a number of actions, like swimming, operating machinery and so on available to you. Inside is a deliberately minimalist game so don't go in expecting to have everything explained to you in colorful Mario-style fashion. Instead, this is a game which rewards the bold and inquisitive and the more you let yourself be sucked into this world, the more you'll get out of it. The visuals are very striking, with clever use of light and shade and the occasional dash of color, along with some stylish environmental design work. The mix of elements provides some genuinely tense and exciting moments and help to make this a thoroughly rewarding and intelligent piece of gaming.

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