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Ittle Dew (pc game)
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  • Image related to Ittle Dew game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Ittle Dew game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Ittle Dew game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Ittle Dew game sale. Credit: Steam.

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GOG GOG Direct [?] $ 9.99 best deal
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Steam Steam Direct [?] $ 9.99 view deal
GamesDeal GamesDeal Key [?] $ 11.71 view deal
GreenManGaming GreenManGaming Key [?] $ 12.87 $ 13.99 view deal
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Zelda-style fun

While it looks a little like the old-school 2D Zelda adventures, and offers a similar style of action and puzzling, Ittle Dew is just a tad too cutesy for its own good. However, if you can get past its sickeningly sweet looks, it provides a fun experience, albeit one that only lasts for a few hours. Two bold characters, adventuress Dew and her sidekick Tippsie, crash land on a strange island and in true adventuring fashion, they decide to explore and see what kind of mysteries it holds. As they venture forth, they find loot, monsters and puzzles galore, and together they must work to overcome the challenges they face. The whole thing is viewed from that classic 2D top down perspective, reminiscent of the early Zelda games, while the puzzling and action is also quite similar in style. The focus is a little less on the combat and more on sliding block type puzzles, while there's a decent range of equipment that will come in handy to help solve them. Ittle Dew is certainly quite a clever and inventive little game, although it probably won't appeal to hardcore gamers. However, if you're a bit more casual in your tastes, you'll have some fun here. The visuals are very cutesy but well enough designed, with a clear sense of personality and heart on display. The puzzles are well done too for the most part, although there are some issues in that it's possible to come at them from the wrong direction and be unable to solve them, while it's also not clear sometimes if you have the right piece of gear. The game is also a little short, but for speedrunners, there's some replay value, and overall, this makes for an enjoyable adventure.

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