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Can a screen saver be more interesting than an actual game?!!

Yes, Johhny Castaway is a screensaver, the one that would aid your CRT monitor from developing burn, due to static images being used too many times. Yap, before the era of the LCD and this current madness of crazy monitors with LEDs and what not, such things were actually useful. So, here's the deal: you see Johnny, a poor little guy that has been castaway on this little island. He minds his own business, taking care to survive. Sometimes, generally during special celebrations and so on, he'll indulge in some other types of activities than usually, which, definitely, is pretty nice. As such, Johnny Castaway is always interesting to look at, though, surely his little world is not as sharp or as interesting if you want to project him onto some crazy 24 inch monitor. Nope, he's not a believer in HD, but he sure offers an interesting cartoonish thing to look at when you feel you want to be transported in his world Hmm, an alternative..., well how about a game for a change, eh?! Nope?! Then see how you like Star Wars Screen Entertainment, another oldie screensaver with quite a few extras packed in, mostly for SW aficionados.
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Johnny Castaway (pc game)
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