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Journey of a Roach (pc game)
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  • Image related to Journey of a Roach game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Journey of a Roach game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Journey of a Roach game sale. Credit: Steam.
  • Image related to Journey of a Roach game sale. Credit: Steam.

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There are 7 shops proposing this game for digital download at an average price of $ 14.58. We found the best promotion ongoing with a discount of 10%.
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DLGamer DLGamer Key [?] $ 13.49 $ 14.99 best deal
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GOG GOG Direct [?] $ 14.99 view deal
Amazon Amazon Direct [?] $ 14.99 view deal
GamersGate GamersGate Key [?] $ 14.99 view deal
ResumeGames ResumeGames Key [?] $ 14.99 view deal
Steam Steam Direct [?] $ 14.99 view deal
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Roaches are cool

Short running time aside, this is a great little point-and-click adventure that brings to mind the likes of the Ballads of Reemus and even comedy classics like Monkey Island and Discworld. It is a tad on the brief side but while it lasts it's both original and entertaining, so as long as you don't expect it to keep you going for weeks, you'll have a great time. The game takes place after the apocalypse and while the world is now a grim place, the story is told with humor and a light touch. It revolves around the adventures of two cockroaches who are now living in a bomb shelter but who want to venture forth and see the surface of planet. As they go upwards, they meet all sorts of crazy mutated insect characters and must solve puzzles as they explore. The whole thing is told entirely without words and yet the story remains charming and entertaining, thanks mostly to the clever integration of the puzzles and the wonderful range of characters to encounter. In terms of pure gameplay, this is a little delight. It's mostly stress-free, with death far from your mind, so you can just concentrate on exploring and enjoying the world. The visuals are absolutely delightful, with some wonderful design work that brings the apocalypse to strangely cheerful effect, while the characters just feel right at home and will linger with you long after the game is finished. The puzzles are clever and integrated well into things, and strike the right balance between challenging and fun. The game won't take more than a few hours to complete but you can be assured of a great journey and perhaps that's what counts.

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